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130 tons of ultra-low-emission boiler project 2 furnace transformation is completed

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August 18, our company's 130 tons of ultra-low-emission boiler project 2 completed the transformation of ultra-low emission standards and through pressure testing, after the transformation of the flue gas to meet the natural gas emission standards, is currently on the No. 1 furnace transformation, the specific transformation Details as follow:

2 furnace ultra low emission transformation project on April 17 officially construction, August 18 transformation is completed, a total investment of 47.935 million yuan, the use of limestone - gypsum wet, double tower double cycle process desulfurization, urea SNCR + SCR combined process denitrification , Wet electrostatic precipitator and bag filter dust. The current emission standards for soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are 20 mg / m3, 200 mg / m3 and 200 mg / m3. After completion of the project, the emission standard of natural gas will be reached, namely 5 mg / m3, 35 mg / m3, 50 mg / m3 The latest national and local air pollutant ultra-low emission standards. Annual emissions of 7040 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, 736 tons, 115 tons of soot.

Company in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, relying on science and technology, increase investment, the use of advanced energy-saving environmental protection technology on the 130t boiler ultra-low emission project 2 furnace transformation is completed, not only improve the energy and energy efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions, more conducive to promote Ecological Zibo construction, promote the protection of the local environment, the implementation of sustainable development work of great significance.

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