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To create a hundred billion Qifeng, to create a century Qifeng - Qi Feng New Materials Co., Ltd. was established 40 anniversary celebration was held

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November 9, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province is a good weather, warm sunshine in winter, to disperse the bursts of chill. This day, it is Qi Feng New Materials Co., Ltd. plant 40 anniversary, and every company completed the scientific research building, paper museum opening, the company set up party committees, power plants put into trial operation, Qifeng can be described as "five blessing". From the relevant industry leaders and domestic and foreign customers a total of more than 200 people gathered together to witness the development of Qifeng forty brilliant achievements.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary, the new performance brings new atmosphere

Activities the same day, Qi Feng company dress up, flags flying, salute, everywhere filled with festive atmosphere. Came to the front of the company, saying "warmly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of new materials Qi Feng," the words of the arched door bright and magnificent; a new research building stands in front of dignified and generous, showing Qi Feng good corporate image ; The top of the research building erected a new emblem and the "Qifeng new material" four red characters, in the background against the blue sky and white clouds shine; building on both sides of the suspension also has a huge couplet, to distinguished guests with Qifeng brilliant past and a better future -

A great cause of struggling to fight for forty years, decorated the world;

Exhibition inspirational innovation for hundreds of years, paper making the future.

Scientific research building completed, the museum opened, entered a new stage of development

9 am, guests gathered in front of the research building for the completion of scientific research and the museum opened a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Participants in the ribbon-cutting ceremony were: China Forest Products Industry Association decorative paper and decorative panels of the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General Tang Zhaoqun, Shandong Province Paper Industry Association Wang Zefeng, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Zibo Municipal People's Congress Han Jiahua, Linzi District People's Congress, Qifeng New Materials Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board Li Xuefeng, German papermaking experts Cordes, President of Pakistani commerce company Ismail, Changzhou Jia decorated home New Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Jianwen, Jiangsu Ming Sheng Wood limited Shen Lijun, general manager of the company, Zhejiang Yaqi Connaught Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Qi, Peony District of Heze City, the former chairman of the CPPCC Peng Heli.

Qi Feng, general manager of the ceremony to address the ribbon cutting, introduced the construction of scientific research buildings and museums.

Qi Feng in the courtyard bungalow office 40 anniversary, with the development of enterprises, to improve the office conditions, enhance corporate image, decided to build a new research building, after two years of construction was finally completed. The new building on the ground nine, two underground, construction area of ​​21,268 square meters, the main building 49.5 meters high, the building structured, beautiful shape, gives a magnificent feeling.

Qifeng 40 years for the summary of the history of development, Qifeng people arduous pioneering story, inspiring employees to better a new 40-year journey, Qifeng Papermaking Museum will emerge as the times require. The museum covers an area of ​​1200 square meters, divided into three parts: the history of China's paper changes, Qifeng paper history and product display area. The entire exhibition hall to reproduce the history of Qi Feng 40 years of passion burning years, fully demonstrated the scientific and technological innovation to Qi Feng brings vitality and good benefits.

Li Andong said that Qifeng Scientific Research Building and the museum embodied the dream of Qifeng 2000 employees, the combination of leaders at all levels and relevant departments of the strong support for the next 40 years, laid a solid foundation. The completion and opening of the new building will greatly improve the office conditions, enhance the external image, show Qi Fengren "make concerted efforts to scale the heights" spirit of enterprise, marking the company entered a new stage of development.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the guests visited the Qifeng Papermaking Museum, fully understand the history of Chinese paper-making and Qifeng struggle history, as Qifeng show the vitality and bright future amazed.

Recalling the past years, determined to achieve "billions of years" Qi Feng

"Qi Feng new material to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the General Assembly" in the ninth floor of the research conference room grand opening. Qifeng Li Xuefeng, chairman of the first speech on the stage, at the helm of the enterprise 35 years of his thoughts at this time thousands.

Qi Feng at all levels of leadership, the community's concern and support from the community to do a small paper mill difficult start, after 40 years of hard work, has now developed to have 20 world-class specialty paper machine, all key equipment imports, Annual production capacity has reached 43 million tons, the production of decorative base paper, surface wear-resistant paper, non-woven wallpaper base of the three varieties are the world's first, covering more than 30 countries around the world. At present, the company employees 2,000 people in 2010 in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share market, the total assets of more than 4.1 billion yuan, the market value of more than 5 billion yuan, Zibo City is one of the large taxpayer, this year is expected to reach 350,000 tons annual output value of 3.5 billion Pluralism.

Looking back over the past 40 years, Qi Feng catch up with the good times of reform and opening up, personally involved in the great historical process, through a very extraordinary years. Today, business development and development has made a decisive progress, but the challenge is still arduous, and optimize the structure is still on the road. In the next 40 years, Qifeng will continue to take the road of specialty paper, in the "special" word to make an article, engage in gap products, high-end development, from big to strong, and strive to become the world's leading three special paper synthesis Program providers, the world's top three specialty paper suppliers, the field of three special paper the world's top experts. Li Xuefeng said, Qi Feng's future development goal is "to create billions of Qi Feng, Qi Feng to create a century." He was full of firm confidence in this!

Concerned with support, cooperation, together to write Qi Feng history

Qifeng development so far, can not do without party and government, leaders at all levels, the community's concern and support, but also inseparable from the vast number of customers, friends and partners all the way accompanied peer.

Qi Feng in the 40th anniversary of the founding of the day, the former deputy secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Wang Junmin specially sent a congratulatory letter, Qifeng made great affirmation of the results, and hope Qifeng make persistent efforts in the new journey to achieve more excellent Achievements. Then, Linzi District has brought another surprise, read the CPC Linzi District Party Committee on the establishment of Qi Feng's approval document, Qi Feng Party Committee was formally established.

China Forestry Industry Association decorative paper and decorative panels, said the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General Tang Zhaoqun, Qifeng constantly improve themselves and rapid development, but also for the healthy development of the industry and industry development has made great contributions to the standardization. As a representative of domestic customers, Zhejiang Yajinuo Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Qi, Changzhou Jia decorated home decoration materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Jianwen came to share with the Qifeng good relations of cooperation. There are many representatives of domestic and foreign customers through the live speech, congratulatory message or video, etc., have sent to the Qifeng sincere blessing.

See Qi Feng today's development, Linzi District People's Congress Standing Committee, former deputy director Cui Wanchang feeling a lot. At that time, when he was Party Secretary of the commune he had done two major events Qi Feng: one finalized the construction of paper mills, the second is to enable the Li Xuefeng. He also witnessed Li Xuefeng to lead enterprises to develop a step by step so far, through many difficulties and setbacks, and ultimately achieve leap-forward development. Now he is more convinced that under the leadership of Li Xuefeng, Qifeng will be a new starting point to achieve a new leap forward towards the "build billions of Qifeng, to create a hundred years Qi Feng," the grand goal of courageously!

With the large-scale singing and dancing "Qilu Spirit", folk songs "Yimengshan minor", Shandong fast book "Wu Song Tiger" and other characteristics of Shandong programs staged for the 40th anniversary celebration added more festive colors, the famous singer Liu Dacheng passionate four Shooting, high-pitched singing sensation audience, the atmosphere to a climax. Finally, in the neat loud chorus "Qifeng Song" "We walk in the road," the song, Qifeng 40 anniversary celebration came to an end.

Xiongguan Man Road, such as iron, and now walk from scratch. 40 years, now Qi Feng and standing on a new starting line, toward the next 40 years. In the future, Qifeng people will continue to be based on reality, focus on the future, meet the challenges, and then greater innovation and greater glory!

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